Z’s Latin American Scholarship Fund was inspired by Zaira Meneses’s own life story. At age 15 Meneses was able to attend the famous international guitar festival, in Habana, Cuba, founded by the eminent composer and guitarist, Leo Brouwer. There she met and played for Maestro Brouwer, Roberto Aussel, WIlliam Kanengeiser, and numerous other guitarists of international renown. It was Meneses’s mother, Nelly Perez, whose fundraising initiative, had enabled her to raise money through many small donations, first to cover her travel expenses to Cuba and later to complete her musical education. By the age of 17 she began to win major international guitar competitions and was immediately invited to perform at festivals around the world. Now Zaira Meneses wants to bring the same opportunity and hope to young Latin American musicians of today by providing opportunities for them to travel abroad for study during the summer vacation time.

Apply for a scholarship 

  • one “live” concert video of 30- 45 minutes duration
  • a short personal essay explaining why the student wants to travel and
  • why the student is deserving of scholarship assistance

Students must obtain appropriate travel visas students must be between 17 and 23 years of age and able to travel Internationally by themselves without chaperon